Avondale Blog Posts

  • The Hidden Dangers of Sugar

    October 17, 2014
    Brownies. Chocolate chip cookies. Yellow cake. Just the thought of these deliciously sweet treats makes my mouth water. I love desserts as much as the next girl, but recently the vast amount of information available on sugar has given me reason to pause. From the time we are little, sugar becomes one of our very ...
  • 5 Ways To Find Resilience

    October 10, 2014
    Rather than focusing on being happy all the time, what if you could focus on something more practical? According to author Peter Kramer, resilience, or the ability to cope with frustrations in life without crumbling, is the opposite of depression. This emotional resilience is protective, and allows you to get through daily life without becoming ...
  • Gadgets And Behaviors That Can Improve Your Life

    October 3, 2014
    There are some gadgets we can use that can be fun and actually make our life easier. I love when things are made easier, because life can be complicated enough and millions of Americans have anxiety. Because of this, quick fixes to our chores and boredom can help us a great deal. There are also ...
  • 4 Exciting Ways To Switch Up Your Routine

    September 26, 2014
    Do you ever notice how life often becomes more exciting when something changes? If you’re going to the same job day after day, you may get tired of it. But when you have a new exciting project, meet a new client or travel overseas, it can add a little skip in your step. Check out ...
  • 5 Smart Ways To Cut Down Your Cleaning Time

    September 19, 2014
    Do you ever wonder how some people’s homes are so spotless? You may think that these people spend crazy amounts of hours on the weekdays and weekends to make sure that it stays looking neat. But, they may have an easy system down that allows them to keep their home clean without the long, tremendous ...
  • Is Your Man “The One”?

    September 12, 2014
    If you’re someone who dreams of settling down someday soon and you’re wondering whether or not the man you are currently with is “the one,” check out the following expert-backed ways to help you decipher if the one you’re with is the one you should be with for life.
    1. He Wants You To Have Girl’s ...
  • Why Mundane Moments May Be More Significant Than You Think

    September 8, 2014
    While milestones in our lives such as having a baby, turning another year older, or starting our dream job are great moments to be remembered, there is something to be said for those everyday, mundane moments that have the ability to make us happy. Check out the following reasons little moments have the ability to ...
  • Brilliant Ways To Stop Avoiding Vulnerability

    August 29, 2014
    Many of us may not know it, but we hate vulnerability. One way that people try to avoid being vulnerable is to numb out their feelings. We often numb ourselves with food, gossip and social media. It would be better if when we’re in crisis to call up a friend and ask for some of ...
  • 4 Intriguing Ways TV Can Make Us Happier

    August 22, 2014
    Ahh I love TV- sitting back and laughing at the television show Parks and Recreation can sometimes be the highlight of my day. I don’t have to stress about anything; I just get to sit back, veg out and enjoy myself. Studies show that I just may be onto something. TV actually can make us ...
  • How To Be Happy No Matter What Stage Of Life You’re In

    August 13, 2014
    I was just thinking the other day about how kids are so excited about every little detail in life. Having just graduated from college and started working in my career, I am at a more even-keeled spot in life; things aren’t always changing and I have to choose what I want to do in my ...
  • 7 Tips For A Healthy Spine

    August 8, 2014
    Whether you’re already dealing with chronic back pain or you just want to prevent future pain, it’s important to remember these specific ways to care for your back on a daily basis. While at first some back care changes may take a while to stick, if you keep up with them, back care really can ...
  • Five Healthier Fast Food Picks

    August 1, 2014
    You already know that fast food should not be your number one choice for a meal. But when your day gets busy, sometimes it is the only choice you have. Thankfully there are a few healthy choices available on the menu, so that you can eat on the run without guilt.

    Starbucks Smoothies: Fast food smoothies ...

  • 3 Simple Yoga Poses To De-Stress and Decrease Pain

    July 25, 2014
    When we lack flexibility, it can lead to chronic aches and pains, such as throbbing back pain, neck pain and tight muscles. These are often a result from sitting all day. For example: lower back pain can be the result of tight hip flexors due to sitting all day. When muscles get tight, your other ...
  • Shut Down The Technology, Power Up Your Health

    July 18, 2014
    With so much of our lives ingrained in technology now, it’s almost hard to detach from something that connects us to the internet or to the rest of the world in some capacity. For many of us, if asked, it would be hard to answer the last time we went without some form of technology ...
  • 5 Powerful Ways To Beat Anxiety

    July 11, 2014
    If you constantly entertain anxious thoughts, you are not alone. Many Americans struggle with anxiety. The important thing to remember is that there are ways to get ourselves out of the vicious cycle of anxious thinking. Check out these ways to do so:

    1. Challenge Your Thoughts
    “Evaluate the evidence for and against that thought,” Peter Norton, ...

  • Cheerful Traits Happy And Calm People Have In Common

    June 29, 2014
    What do you think calm and happy people have in common? Many of them have a certain set of techniques and thought-processes that allow them to find joy. Check them out and do your best to emulate them to acquire even more joy.

    1. They Exercise Regularly
    People who are calm and happy make exercise a priority. ...

  • 3 Smart Ways To Beat Anxiety

    June 18, 2014
    If you constantly entertain anxious thoughts, you are not alone. Many Americans struggle with anxiety. The important thing to remember is that there are ways to get ourselves out of the vicious cycle of anxious thinking. Check out these ways to do so:

    1. Challenge Your Thoughts
    “Evaluate the evidence for and against that thought,” Peter Norton, ...

  • 2 Unlikely Times You Should Be Wearing Sunscreen

    June 16, 2014
    There may be some summertime routines that you are neglecting to do this season that could harm your health. When it comes to sun protection, there are two times we should be applying sunscreen that may seem unlikely. Check out the following healthy behaviors to consider adopting for much better skin health.

    1. You Don’t Wear ...

  • 4 Soothing Ways To Be More Relaxed At Home

    June 9, 2014
    A recent study found that people are actually more relaxed at work than at home! You read that right! This may be because when we’re stressed at work, we’re putting all of your energy into a certain assignment. But when we’re stressed at home, we are pulling ourselves in a n bunch of different directions, ...
  • The Incredible Benefits Of Yoga For Sleep In Avondale, AZ

    June 2, 2014
    So many of us have trouble sleeping. We may be worrying about the future, or obsessing about the past. Whatever it is that is keeping us up, we need to find ways to calm our ever racing mind for the sake of our health. Yoga is a natural practice that is known to help people ...