Which Nut Butter is Right for You?

Most of us grew up with two options when it came to nut butters: Peanut, or none at all. However, there’s been a rise in popularity when it comes to the surprisingly high amount of nut butter alternatives available today in most supermarkets. This is good news not only in terms of switching up tastes […]

Office Ergonomics: The Art of Sitting

I’ve spent a good portion of my life sitting at a desk and most of it has been uncomfortable! Either the chair is too small or the desk is too low or I’m hunched over my laptop. That type of thing is easily dismissed when you’re younger but it catches up with you over time. […]

Taking Care of Your Spinal Discs

You probably take time out of your day to take care of many things, such as your skin and your hair. Maybe you exercise to help take care of your heart and lungs and build muscle, but what about your spinal discs? Just because you don’t really notice them doesn’t mean they dont’ deserve the […]

Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain

Your neck has the super important job not just holding up your head, but turning it from side to side, too. This makes your neck susceptible to injury and pain. Here is how chiropractic care can help you to avoid neck pain or treat neck pain if you’ve developed it. Which Neck Conditions Chiropractors Can […]

Are You Triggering Your Sciatic Pain?

Sciatic pain is nearly as common as lower back pain, but many times the pain you experience as a result of irritation of your sciatic nerve is avoidable. Here are some of the most common ways you could be aggravating your sciatic nerve and what you can do to fix it. Packing Your Back Pocket […]

Keeping Your Back Safe Through A Typical Day

It’s true that back pain can be caused by a sudden injury or strain, but many people end up developing back pain gradually, with no one cause to point to as a reason for why this happened. It’s important to take the health of your back very seriously, especially because there are so many stressors […]

Who Qualifies For Chiropractic Treatment?

If you have yet to try out chiropractic, yet you’re curious to do so, you may be wondering whether it’s the right option for you. Many people falsely believe that chiropractic is only meant to bring relief to patients who experience chronic back pain, and it therefore can’t do much else for anyone not facing […]