Hockey Player Turns to Chiropractic Neurology

Hockey Player Turns to Chiropractic Neurology

| December 26, 2012

Hockey might be one of the most high impact sports a person can play. Even with the helmet and padding a player is constantly putting his or her body on the front lines of an epic icy battle. This is something Jonathan Toews, captain of Chicago’s Blackhawks, can definitely vouch for after the concussion he suffered during last season’s playoffs. This injury prevented Toews from playing in the final two months of the 2011-12 regular season. However, he was able to return to the postseason because he appeared to be symptom-free, and therefore passed the NHL-imposed concussion protocols. With the NHL lockout in place Toews had no choice but to take a step back and really assess his health.

With the extra time the lockout is forcing on the players Toews noticed a few things weren’t right, “It was just a lot of eye-movement things. My eyes didn’t track very well. They didn’t look from one target to the next very well.” It was small things like this that prompted him to check into the Carrick Institute at Life University in Marietta, GA. At the institute Toews underwent chiropractic neurology for five days. Chiropractic Neurology is an alternative holistic approach to dealing with functional instability of the brain and nervous system, and it turns out that is exactly what Toews needed.

It wasn’t all a walk in the holistic park for Toews who was quoted saying, “When I walked out of there I was definitely really tired because you are doing a lot of exercises that wear on you, but it is definitely a good thing.” Chiropractic Neurology uses a lot of techniques including chiropractic adjustments, movement, light, smell, sound and more. Some techniques also include nutritional therapies to help restore balance and proper function to the brain and nervous system. Each day Toews was there he was working one on one with Chiropractic Neurologists, and following a personalized health plan. The result of choosing this option, as opposed to a traditional more invasive method of treatment, has been a very happy hockey player, “I am feeling really good and confident that if I do get hit again it’s not such a big deal.”

With this concussion behind him, and his health back to 100% Toews can spend his time wondering ‘what next’ while the lockout is still in place, instead of worrying about his eyesight. It is fascinating to see an athlete move forward with a more holistic form of treatment, and bounce back to health so quickly. By exploring Chiropractic Neurology Toews helped promote this alternative method of healing to others to investigate to see if it would be beneficial to their health as well. 



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